Lexibook CG1300 Chessman Elite, Interactive Electr


The ChessMan Elite is an electronic computer with touch-sensitive keypad, perfect to learn how to play or improve your level! With 64 game levels, it adjusts to your capacity and accompany you in your progression.
Advanced: Elo 1800 player rating system.
16 LED’s (horizontally and vertically) show the moves played.
TRAINING mode (improvement) indicating to the player whether the move just played is optimal or allowing the player to attempt a new move.
Knows the 50-move rule, “pat” and draw by repetition, pawn promotion, “en passant” capture. Solve the mate in 5 moves.
2 players’ mode or player VS. computer mode. MULTIMOVE level to referee a game between 2 players.
Functions included: HINT to suggest a move, TAKE BACK can go back up to 2 moves, MOVE, VERIFY, SET UP.